Seeds of Faith

Growing up as a child of a farmer planting was a huge part of our lives.

My Mother always planted a large garden and then canned the fruits of her labor for the winter months ahead, while my Dad was in the fields planting corn and peas. It was a regular Sunday afternoon routine to go for a Sunday drive to look at the crops and fields in the surrounding area and looking forward to the harvest to come.

Many farmers right now will lose their planted crops from all the rain we have had. While we at Glendale may not be farmers in the literal sense, we are planting the seeds of faith to everyone we encounter.  It may be at church camp, Sunday School, VBS, worship, working in a community garden, at work or school just to name a few. In Second Timothy we are asked to look back to our teachings and roots of our faith, the seed that was planted by someone in our past. Can you think of someone that touched you and planted your seed of faith?  Draw upon your seed of faith and let it grow and bloom.

Plant a seed for someone you know or encounter for today is here and tomorrow holds the promise of everything new.


Shelley Shultz
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