For 20 or more years, a small almost unnoticed ministry of the church took place every week.  Two or three or four or more men would meet at 6:00 each Tuesday morning in the library to pray with and for one another.

I used to tell the fellows I work with that I’d be getting up at insane o’clock to meet at church at stupid o’clock.

We would share in the occurrences of our lives.  We would spend time in devotion to God.  We would tell stories sometimes and laugh with one another all of the time.

We welcomed an occasional new guy to the group; more often than not we said goodbye to fellows who needed to find God in some other ways and places—but mostly, other times.

Earlier this year our ragged band decided it was time to change course altogether. I’ve discovered that I think we are the better for it.

Now, six or seven or eight men meet at church on Tuesdays at 6:00 (PM, praise God) to eat a meal together, pray with and for one another, view a video presentation, and have a discussion surrounding topical points from the video.

What a refreshing change of pace!  What an innovative way to invite a newer, more vibrant group to share the secrets we so securely hid away in the wee hours of the mornings!  What a way to keep the Lord in our hearts past our Sunday mornings!

We have ten places around the tables in the library (and we will add more, just ask). Our discussion leader and head chef, Paul Libra, is fond of reminding us that God brings us nourishment not only for our bodies, but for our spirits as well.

We are enjoying adding the pounds from supper and to the grace from our time spent together in study (and no one has ever had to make coffee!).

Mike Shultz
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