I guess there is a place in the Voices of Glendale for this: Goodbye Lynn, we loved you and we will surely miss you.

I follow my wife Shelley in the sequence of these writings and I find myself leaning on words she just wrote on Friday.  “We live in an unpredictable world, ever mindful of the bad things that may or could happen to us or those around us.  The flock needs the shepherd to ward off those bad things.  Because of the Good Shepherd, we can find the world less frightening and a more livable place to be.”

We can start there, remembering that we had a short space of time to learn who Lynnwas, and to marvel in who she had become.  Our Good Shepherd helped Lynnfind a world that was less frightening and a lot more livable than the one she’d tried to leave behind.

In his book “Overcoming Life’s Disappointments” Rabbi Harold Kushner writes “The worth of a person’s soul is not measured by the size of his or her bank account or the volume of applause a person evokes, but by one’s humanity, by one’s compassion, even by the courage to keep on dreaming amid the broken pieces of our earlier dreams.”

He could not have known it but he was speaking to us about Lynn, I’m positive of it.

God calls us to be in forever-life with God and with the great cloud of witnesses that precede us in many ways.  Sometimes it is in our later years, peacefully and in fulfillment of our lives.  Sometimes it is tragically early in life and in sudden or painful ways.  Sometimes it is when we join God in control of the time and the means.

In any event, God is ready to embrace us into everlasting life no matter how or when we get to Him.  I’ve got to believe this is how God works in our lives; I think I’d have a very hard time believing anything else.

There is a line in Judy Collins’ song “The Rose” that says “It’s the heart afraid of breaking that never learns to dance.”  The answer back is “Dance as if no one was watching; love as if you’d never been hurt.”

Lynnhad been hurt, a lot.  But Lynn will live on in our hearts because she always danced as if no one was watching.  Save a dance for me Lynn.

Mike Shultz
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