Our Lord’s Prayer

I grew up in a family where my evening routine at bedtime was to say our prayers before going to sleep.  I do not know when this tradition started, or whether it was my mother’s or father’s side of the family that this activity came from.  When our daughters were young, Ann and I continued this each night as we prayed out loud The Lord’s Prayer. Our oldest daughter Maria and her husband Mike have taught their daughter’s, Talia and Gabriella in this tradition, and now when we visit Salt Lake City to be with our family we get to enjoy this special prayer time too!

The Lord’s Prayer is etched in my mind and my heart and it has been a very special experience for me to have Pastor Becky Jo do a series of sermons on this prayer.  The last two Sunday’s, Ann has needed help in the nursery, as we have had 2 infants and 1-2 toddlers.; so we have both missed hearing the messages of hope and faith that Becky Jo has shared with our community during this series.  I know that her teachings are exploring more than just the words, but the deeper meanings and interpretation of the prayer and how it can even be more meaningful in each of our lives. So even though, we are missing part of this “education” and experience, with our church community; it gives me peace and comfort to know that Christian’s all over the world are praying this prayer and that the little children that our nursery volunteers are caring for have been placed in our care, just the way our God has placed each of us at Glendale to care for one another and reach out to community members.  Amen.

Robert Scarborough
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