“I love the Bible…When I open its pages, I hear God speaking to me.  Its story, particularly the story of Jesus, is the one story I hope will define my life.  The Bible captures my deepest hopes and highest aspirations.”


Making Sense of the Bible or Rediscovering the Power of Scripture for Today

Who writes things like this?  From whose mind comes the succinctness to say in just a few words exactly what I feel, but could never write?

The answer is Adam Hamilton of course, and the thoughts are just the first few from a wonderful book he has written and which as many of us as can squeeze into the church library on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings during Lent will share.

Imagine six weeks of study, not only with Pastor Hamilton, but with others from our church who feel a longing to share the Good News of the Gospel with YOU.

If you have thought about Lent as a time to expand yourself spiritually or begin a time of reflection and introspection in your life, there will be no better time than starting Sunday the 22nd or Wednesday the 25th along side your friends from Glendale.

Call the Church Office or send an email to reserve a copy of Adam’s book.

If that looks like a sales pitch…well, just remember the old joke about if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

Hope to see you in the library a lot this Lent.

Mike Shultz
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