“Who can say but that you have not been brought into this place for just such a time as this?” Esther 4:14

I believe we all have a calling from God. God has given us all gifts. God has also given us free will. Rick Warren states “God calls everybody to use the gifts and the passion that they have, but not everyone picks up the phone”.

In the book of Esther this orphaned, young Jewish girl found herself placed in a situation that she didn’t want or ask for. She was the only person in all of Persia that had any chance at all to save the Jewish population from annihilation. Even though it was absolutely obvious what she needed to do, God still gave her the free will to choose to carry out this practically impossible mission.  Rather than just go running to the King and begging for mercy, Esther first asked her support system to fast for 3 days, which she did as well. During this time she was able to gain the clarity of how she could fulfill this undertaking.

We need to clear out the clutter in our lives to be able to hear God’s call. First, if you don’t have one already, being part of a small group who prays for and with you is extremely helpful when trying to discern what God is telling you. Just as importantly is to spend time alone with God. Try to get away from all the “noise” in our lives and spend some time in silence. Then, pick up that phone and listen to what God has planned for our lives. Then, trust. This plan may not be anything you ever thought would be a part of your life, but following God’s plan is always an adventure of Biblical proportion and you’ll be glad you did.

Paula Gaboury

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