Sacred Deer

It happened again this morning.

I looked out in the trees in my back yard to see a family of deer hunkered down.  Now and then we notice them more readily when they are standing to eat something.  But very often they are in our back yard lying down and very still.  When the light wasn’t as much, in the months of December and January, we would have to ask ourselves if they were there or if we were mistaking rocks for the deer.  In March, it is obvious.  There are deer in my backyard and I love seeing them there.

They remind me each morning to slow down a bit.  It’s so easy to rush into the day, with the appointments to keep and the to-do lists to accomplish.  These deer lay in my back yard as reminders to slow a bit before heading so fast into my day, to take time to pause, time to allow my spirit to catch up with me, time to be still and know God.

What is it in your life that reminds you to take time to “be still and know God?”

May you be flooded with regular reminders that you are a precious child of God, a human being and not a “human-doing.”


Becky Jo

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