“The Courage to Witness”


I suppose all pastors have couples in their congregations where one member attends worship, but the spouse does not.  There was a young pastor with such a couple in his congregation.  Both were members.  The wife worshiped faithfully and devoutly each Sunday, but he, never.  This bothered the young minister until one day he decided to visit the husband.  He phoned the man and made an appointment to see him.  Arriving at the man’s office, he was shown into a finely appointed office.  After a little polite conversation, the young pastor began to say why he came.  He reviewed briefly the family’s situation and then went on to tell in simple words just what Christ and the Christian community meant to him.  Finishing, the executive across the desk said nothing — not a word.  Feeling utterly uncomfortable and wishing he had never come, the young preacher tried again using a few different words.  He concluded by saying, “Now, I think you ought to do something about this one way or the other.”  The figure across the desk said nothing and was expressionless.  The young preacher fidgeted nervously.  At last the man took a scrap of paper and scribbled a few words and shoved it across the desk.  Feeling like an utter failure the preacher took the note, almost afraid to read.  Then everything changed.  The note read, “I   am   so   deeply   moved   I   cannot   speak.”

Consecrated actions sometimes produce greater effect than we sometimes realize.

Rev. Jim Ross
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