A New Heaven & a New Earth

It will be 11 years in April since the loss of my Mother. At her funeral my daughter sang what is one of my favorite hymns.  #707 the Hymn of Promise.

Lent can sometimes be a dark place thinking of the day’s leading up to the death of Jesus and we do need to remember and travel through those, but this hymn for me is a reminder that we have a wonderful promise from God.  When things in our lives are dark and cold he is there waiting for us to be in relationship. In the death & resurrection of Jesus we are made new and forgiven.

This hymn seems to be a favorite each Wednesday during our Lenten soup suppers.

As we are experiencing warmer spring like weather this week we are hearing the birds singing and will be looking for the bulb to be a flower along with cocoons to turn into beautiful butterflies.

God makes all things new. It may not always be something that we can see (as the hymn says) but God can.

This hymn is not a song about death but one of life and hope made new in Christ Jesus.

May your journey through lent be one where you can see God’s promise in a new heaven and a new earth.

Shelley Shultz
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