Resurrected Life

“Jesus-the Divine Christ!  He experienced a life-giving birth and a death-killing death.  Not only birth from the womb, but baptismal birth of His ministry and sacrificial death.  And all the while the Spirit is confirming the truth, the reality of God’s presence at Jesus’ baptism and crucifixion, bringing those occasions alive for us.  A triple testimony:  the Spirit, the Baptism, the Crucifixion.  And the three in perfect agreement…

My purpose in writing is simply this: that you who believe in God’s Son will know beyond the shadow of a doubt that you have eternal life, the reality and not the illusion. And how bold and free we then become in His presence, freely asking according to His will, sure that He’s listening.”

                                                                                                                                                ~ 1 John 5

Jesus is our evidence of eternal life, thanks to His resurrection, and the eye-witness accounts of His followers.  He came that we might begin to understand and to comprehend that we, too, have lives that transcend Earth. 

He came that we might begin to understand and to comprehend that we, too, have lives that transcend Earth.  What a profound statement! What a transforming experience for humankind!   What a transforming concept for us! 

We are challenged to begin thinking beyond our immediate circumstances; beyond the boundaries of our human life in the 21st century.  How will our Souls carry on what we are learning here during our lifetimes?  How will we, for all eternity, continue to honor God’s great gift to us?  What is the Spirit; that still, small voice deep inside, calling us to become?

I’ve always felt grateful that our Lenten season, in the northern hemisphere, coincides with the coming of Spring.  It is so easy to feel hopeful in Spring!  The temperatures are warming, the snow is melting, the birds are returning, the grass is greening….  What a beautiful metaphor for our Soul’s growth!  This is a perfect time for personal transformation.  Take this opportunity to consider how God is calling you into more perfect union with Him.  How can you become more “whole”?  How can you become more uniquely “you”?  For this is what you were created to be-your Self.  God has created you, endorsed you, upholds you.  You are the living flesh; a manifestation of our God’s creative skill!  I encourage you to ponder your life beyond the bounds of this singular existence; to imagine how you will exist with God throughout all eternity…  Looking at the Big Picture often brings the small picture into clearer focus.

May God bless your questioning, your searching, your discovering!  May the example of Christ inspire you, encourage you, and fill you with the thrilling confidence that God loves you. 

 ~Ann Scarborough
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