I admit it, I’m a procrastinator. There, it’s out. I was just not feeling Christmas this past year. I barely got any Christmas cards out. I started from the beginning of the alphabet and got maybe to M. I have no excuses. 

I did get a Christmas card from Lisa Turnquist. Lisa and I had worked together in New York. When Mike was in Minnesota and I was still in New York waiting for our house to sell, Lisa made me take a vacation day with her and we had a day of Glamour Shots and an extravagant lunch…it was just what I needed!  Lisa and I continued to write to each other throughout the years. I opened her Christmas card and she had written on the back “It has been a tough year for us. Our 15 year old son Alex was diagnosed with brain cancer and is undergoing treatments. He is a strong boy and we have lots of support. We would appreciate extra prayers.”  These past couple months I would continue to come upon her card, say a prayer and remind myself that I really needed to shoot her a note. Well, today was the day. Mike had left at 2:45 AM to go with the Wesley Foundation on a mission trip to Appalachia. I planned to get a lot of those things piling up in my to-do bin taken care of today and discovered Lisa’s card was at the top of that pile. I found a beautiful card and started to write a cheery note hoping that Alex was doing well.

AND THEN I GOT AN URGENT NUDGE… Google Alex. I did and his obituary filled my monitor screen. He had died March 5th. NO!!! I read on and discovered that his funeral was to be Saturday March 14, 2015 at 1:00…I looked at my watch it was Saturday March 14, 2015 11:55 AM (central time). Five minutes before Alex’s funeral was to begin. I wrote that long delayed letter to Lisa through many tears.

I’m not sure the lesson here. What strikes me (over my guilty feelings of procrastination) is the urgency I felt to write to Lisa right that moment and the huge nudge I experienced to do a little exploring. I hope I have learned pay closer attention to God’s voice and be quicker in my responses. At any rate will you please send a special prayer for Lisa, Paul, Erick and Nick? Thank you.

Paula Gaboury
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