New life!

When we celebrate Easter we are celebrating the possibilities and the hope for new life where things have seemed dead and buried.

Jesus was placed in the tomb, and with him, the expectations of his followers connected to their belief that he was the Messiah, the one for which they had waited.  They buried his body and all the new life and hope that came with those expectations.

When we read the accounts of Easter morning, those who went to the tomb went in despair and loss.  They saw no way forward.  They only saw death and anguish and defeat.  So they went with spices to prepare the body for burial.  They went to finalize what had happened on Friday.  There wasn’t a way out of death.  It was as final as anything they had ever known.

Have you known times like that?  Times that feel final? Events that fill you with despair and defeat?  Situations that leave you with seemingly no way forward?

When they buried Jesus AND buried life and hope in that tomb, it did not stay there!  Not only did God raise Jesus from death, defeating it once and for all, but God also raised hope and life from the tomb.  Just when it felt like there was no way forward, God made a way!  A powerful, life-changing way forward that none of us could ever have imagined.

The same is true for whatever has you entombed in despair and defeat.  The same is true for whatever buries you in its finality.  God can make a way, a powerful, life-changing, life-giving way forward.  Just when you feel like there are no possibilities left, God can bring new life.

May you know, in your own tombs of despair and defeat, the powerful new life of the Risen Savior!

Pastor Becky Jo Messenbrink
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