Somewhere years ago I ran across an aphorism which read:  “The greatest joy in life is to do a good deed by stealth and be found out by accident.”  For some reason it stuck with me, and on occasion I have tried to live by it.  Many years ago, I was driving through a poor neighborhood in Minneapolis, a slum really.  I went back later and took down several addresses, then went to the bank and cashed a one hundred dollar check — asking for five 20s.  I wrote anonymous notes, saying simply, “God wants you to have this”.  I enclosed each one in a plain envelope along with one of the $20 dollar bills and mailed them.  I don’t know who received them.  This side of the Kingdom the recipients will never know who sent the money or where it came from.  I hope they were puzzled over the note.  I won’t have the joy of being “found out by accident”.  It doesn’t matter.  The greater joy is that God knows.  That’s enough!

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