Last Sunday, on what everyone would admit was a spectacular spring afternoon, a few of us from the Staff Parish Relations Team went on a short field trip into Minneapolis.  Our aim was not to wander the Lowry Hill neighborhood enjoying the warmth of that Sunday sun; we were there to work, by gum!

Our work was to learn what it means to be a better people who are charged with upholding our church staff (and Pastor Becky Jo too!) while we listen to the dreams and concerns of our congregation at the same time.

Two hours of learning gave us a lot of insight.  But I had two takeaways in particular that I shared with my wonderful carpoolers on the way home.

The first was that we at Glendale need to discontinue the term ‘volunteers’ when we speak of our lay members who serve the church in so many great ways.  We need to begin to talk of servant hood; we need to begin to think of ourselves in terms of being servants and of serving, not volunteering to do tasks.

The second was that in these days leading up to our HCI visioning, all of us servants, both paid and unpaid, need to process a vision statement for what we do personally.  We need to be able to ask ourselves how what we do advances the Kingdom of God.

And here we thought we might be wasting a beautiful Sunday afternoon…

Mike Shultz
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