Luke 24: 13-35   “The Road to Emmaus”

How often have we walked through a tragic, sobering event in our lives, oblivious to Jesus’ presence with us?  How has this lack of awareness intensified our doubt, fear, and self-pity?

When we have expectations about how our lives are going to unfold, or how the world is going to evolve, it becomes disappointing when events turn out differently.  We so easily fall into disillusionment and despair.

What comfort has God provided us for times just like these?  Read Luke’s story of how Jesus revealed himself to these cynical disciples…  These Biblical stories are timeless.  Yes, historically, we live in different times, but, human nature never changes.  The emotions that we experience are the same as those of people who lived centuries ago, and Jesus still speaks to us today.  Jesus can open our eyes still today!  God is revealed in the Scriptures.  And, WE are revealed in these Bible stories, highlighting how easily we abandon the discipline of faith.

We are called to be faithful.  What does this mean?  It means that we act courageously even when there is no outward, worldly support for our belief.  We act “as if” we trust, even though there may be days when our trust is weak.  In our disciplined actions of moving forward God will bless us and provide us with the gifts of faith, revelation, joy, and support!

Gracious and loving God, thank you for the precious example of Christ!  Thank you for providing us with stories of doubting people just like us-to show us how to connect directly with You, and to continue on the path of joy, faith, hope, and love.

We praise You in Christ’s name, amen.

Ann Scarborough
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