Where two or more gather in my name there am I….Matthew 18:20

This year for our Lenten study the Monday evening spiritual formation group decided to study an Adam Hamilton book entitled Not So Silent Night linking the Christmas experience with Easter through Mary’s eyes. In the first lesson we read about Mary standing at the foot of the cross where her son, Jesus, was being crucified. What was she thinking? Was she remembering when she had given birth to Jesus? Was she thinking about the Magi who brought the gift of Myrrh, which is embalming oil…why would a newborn baby have been given such a gift? As we progressed through the lessons there were so many ah-ha moments that we had never thought of before. The conversations were profound and evocative. Hearing everybody’s thoughts was an incredible learning experience which took all of us deeper into the scriptures and helped us to look at those familiar Biblical stories in a different light. What was most profound was knowing that God was amongst us and guiding us to look at the scriptures in a more meaningful way and to open our hearts to hear God’s word.

Small groups are an extraordinary way to explore God’s word through study and discussion. Please consider joining a small group, you’ll be glad you did!

Paula Gaboury

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