Those who remember their American history will remember Marquis de Lafayette, the French general and politician who in 1777 joined the American Revolution.  After the war he returned to France and to his estates.  The harvest of 1783 was a very poor one, but the stewards of his estates at Chavaniac had nevertheless managed to fill his barns with wheat.  One of them came to Lafayette and said, “This poor harvest has raised the price of wheat.  Now is the time to sell!”  Lafayette thought about the hungry peasants in the surrounding villages and replied, “No, now is the time to give.”

For Christians, now is always the time to give.  Like you who read this, I receive five or six requests for funding in my mail box most every delivery day.  One cannot support them all, but we can do something.  We may discriminate, but are called upon by our faith to give, for that is what a Christian does.  Remember, the high point of the worship service is really the offering, for that is when I may respond to God, “Here am I, send me.”

Rev. Jim Ross
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