There is nothing more soothing than a Monday morning, right after beginning the day, but before actually going out into it, spent with the Sunday crossword from the paper.

No, not the New York Times one; I said soothing not aggravating.

I know, I know…sometimes it takes Monday night and into Tuesday morning and most of the time I still don’t really ‘finish’…but remember the soothing.

There are many sources I use to unwrap the clues and fill in the downs and acrosses (not the internet—that would be ‘cheating’ now wouldn’t it?).  Three that I use a lot are my memory for the arcane (sea eagles are Ernes), the Hammond atlas (Cheju is the island off the south coast of Korea), and the Bible.

I am often left to wonder about the crossword authors and their use of the Bible when they construct their puzzles.  They must realize that a subset of their puzzlers are nots or nones; they have little to reference and perhaps very little memory for what is in the Bible.  Yet I still believe there are folks for which the Bible is a reference more than it is their commitment.

And I believe God is OK with that.  But I also believe God is in the middle of making subtle changes in us that broaden our uses of the Bible and our sense of who God is.

I’d like to believe that there are those who look to the Bible to see that Esth. follows Neh. and stick around to see what God wants from us by reading Micah 6:8.

Mike Shultz
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