I am excited to have been given another chance at something I thought I wasn’t very good doing.  God works that way a lot.  Several years ago some members of our congregation got a chance to see how very poorly I perform certain fix up, clean up, and paint up jobs on a mission trip to Rockford Illinois.  It was a grueling week for others who had to either work along side me, or worse, follow after me making ‘corrections’.

I told Shelley after that week was over that she had permission to cut off whichever hand I raised the next time a mission team was being formed.

Detroithas done well, and will do well, without me.

But not Kenosha…that city on Lake Michigan and I will reacquaint this next week because I remembered some other things from our week in Rockford.  I remembered how much I enjoyed some of the work we did, and how much I enjoyed working with the youth that went with us on that trip.

And this is a youth mission trip after all.  And I don’t believe I read the word ‘scaffolding’ in any of the literature, so I’m on board with both hands and with God to help me and the 11 saints who will put up with me.

I’m not only ‘on board’, I’m excited.

Mike Shultz
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