On Sunday I heard a good sermon that invited me to think about miracles. I was reminded about two miracles Jesus performed, one in healing a woman who had been sick for twelve years and another about Jesus bringing a little girl back to life. Such events led people to be “filled with amazement.” They amaze me too.
Then I got to thinking about miracles that have happened in my life of the lives of people I know. Sometimes we call it luck, or fortune, or fate, but we rarely call these happenings miracles. Is it because we don’t live in the Bible? Is it because Jesus isn’t part of it? Or is it because we never think about God being active in the world today? We have trouble thinking about events as miracles.
Think about the events of your life. Look back and try to see the possibility that God was in a moment that we have known. As we think about it, we may come to understand that to see a miracle we must be open to miracles.
Ron Nicholas
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