My soul will rejoice when your lips speak what is right.  Proverbs 23:16

A friend of mine recently shared that for several days in a row she had been waking up very early in the morning—so early that the birds were still quiet.  She related that in the pre-dawn silence a single bird would give a long whistle, and suddenly all the birds would begin singing and chirping.  It was as though that single bird whistle gave all the birds permission to begin their songs for the day. 

We each have the opportunity to be that single bird, to lead others with our songs.  However, unlike birds that usually have only one song by which they are known, we have many songs we might choose to sing.  We could sing a song of joy or hope or love; we also have the potential to sing a song of sadness or discouragement or gossip.  Interestingly, whatever song we sing is likely to produce other similar songs.  When our song is one of joy or love, for example, others experience love and joy, and they take up the song and share it with others.  When we sing songs of discouragement or gossip, it seems that those around us begin to feel that discouragement or to gossip about others.

We are blessed to have the ability to choose the songs we sing.  I am present to the fact that there are times when I don’t choose a song that offers joy or love or anything positive. I am also present to the impact the song I sing has on others.  My prayer is that when I hear birds singing, I will be reminded that my song leads others, and I will be moved to lead a song that makes a positive difference for those around me.

Barbara Moore
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