Going Home

Many of us are transplants here in Minnesota.  I wonder what going home means to each of you?
Recently I was on vacation and traveled to what I will call my hometown. (Not my home) I am not able to call it home anymore.  I left this small town in Wisconsin back in the early 70’s.  In many ways it has changed from my elementary and high school days. The memories are still there but many of the people I loved and cared about are gone.
It used to have a vibrant downtown business main street which has died along with those loved ones that used to live there. But mindsets have not changed I am sorry to say.  I do not see in some of those I encountered the social justice that is so close to my heart. There is still what I will call a fear of anyone that may be different from them. It is as if time has stood still, a time warp if you will.
Mike’s Aunt Betty had taken ill and was hospitalized before I left on this journey. During my trip she was making a journey and trip home of her own, she was dying.  She was really making the trip home.  Over the 41+ years that I knew her we had several conversations about our churches and our faith.  She was so sad when she was not able to physically attend church anymore. She was such a faithful servant that touched so many along her path.
While it is sad for those of us left behind I feel joy knowing that she has gone to her eternal home with our/her Lord and Savior the one that shepherds us along our journey.  In Ecclesiastes chapter 3 it reminds us that there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven; a time to be born and a time to die.
My earthly home is here in Savage, MN at this time, but someday I will be called home like Aunt Betty to sit at that banquet table with my good shepherd Jesus.
Shelley Shultz
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